Who are the Raptors?
The Raptors began as a small group of friends who got together to train. After a while we thought it might be fun to attend some youth meets. These meets were enjoyable, and we discovered that our group was competitive. We also noticed that many competitors belonged to clubs. Hmmm, this looked cool. So, we said, "Why not start a club?" And we did. The Raptors!

As time has gone on we've realized that, given the impossibly tight budgets of most public schools, the opportunities to train and compete have been severely reduced for many kids. It dawned on us that we could use our little club to offer increased training and competitive outlets to many runners.

Read more in All about the Raptors.

How do I join?
  1. Email us at runningraptors@gmail.com to introduce yourself to our coaches & parent coordinators.  
  2. Request to join our Facebook Group to get to know us & stay updated on upcoming workouts. No obligation necessary: https://www.facebook.com/groups/142252632506071/ (Not using Facebook? step by step instructions)
  3. Then come meet us on the first Sunday practice of any month to see if you enjoy the spirit of the club.  We think you will!  (Parents must be present during the entire first practice; after you join, athletes can be dropped off  & picked up.)
  4. When you want regular notices about workouts and races, contact Teresa Buckner so we can sign you up for TeamSnap.
  5. When you're ready to join, pay $125 in annual dues to our treasurer.  Contact Teresa directly or you can pay through Team Snap using PayPal.  More about dues.
  6. Download & read our Welcome Packet.
  7. We'll then get you a uniform top & jacket and set you up with a USATF membership number.
  8. You are officially a Raptor!

Athlete's Name

Jack's Corner
Here we introduce brand-new Raptor Jack Egawa. Jack also runs for the MLK 6th grade XC team and he, along with Julia Pullin, whom I'm also trying to recruit, is the 6th grade team manager. Jack saw the "Jared's Corner" postings (and don't worry, Jared has not been "fired!" He's just very busy!) and told me he would like to take a shot at a column of his own. Since we'd love to have everyone  participating on this website I of course said "Sure!" If there is anyone else that would like to see themselves in print, let me know! Or simply send me your submission and I'll post it!
Here's Jack's first column for us:
I ran my first non-MLK race on Sunday the 24! It was a great race and I had so much fun. At the beginning I was super nervous. My younger brother also ran in the youth race.  I was racing with lots of people I didn't know and ended up running well. I had practiced 5ks around my track but this one seemed much harder. I had set a goal for myself to get 29 min after I had ran a 31 min 5k at school. I completely shattered my goal and got a new 5k PR!  Tetsu, who is a very good runner, helped me pace myself. At the very end of the race I sprinted so hard I could barley feel my legs. When I was running through the gate at the end of the race Rick told me to look at the time, and I saw 27 minutes! I was super happy. When they handed out the awards I got second place and I thought that was pretty good for my first race. I look forward to future practices and races with the Raptors!