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Board Meeting Notes

December 4, 2016, Board Meeting

posted Dec 5, 2016, 2:48 PM by Laura Driussi

Present: Coach Rick, Coach Joel, Laura

Memo to MLK re access to shed 
  • AI: Joel to finalize the draft letter to MLK
  • AI: Rick to email Joel the attachment (Items in shed) - n/a
Existing Raptors Board Members - for Secretary of State Letter re our 501C status.  This is an annual occurrence. 
  • Charles: President
  • Teresa: Treasurer
  • Laura: Secretary
  • Decision: Laura to submit renewal from with these board members for now (deadline 12/23/2016)
Remind Raptor parents and friends that donations are tax deductible?
Possible New Board Members
  • President: Joel to consider 
  • Treasurer: Teresa doing a great job
  • Secretary: A parent volunteered to work on communications for the team.  Laura emailed her
Next meeting
  • Rick to send email to Team Snap recruiting parent volunteers
  • Laura to schedule a new meeting with those new parents
USATF status
    • Justin is listed as associated with another track club -- he is planning to reassociate soon
    • Joel is listed as a coach with the team & approved
    • AI: Rick & Justin to watch the SafeSport video & get USATF status updated.  Ongoing
    • AI: Marina to tell us how to log in to renew the team
  • CLUB
    • http://www.usatf.org and then click Resources For >> Clubs
    • Click Manage Club
    • Pull down to Pacific
    • Pull down to 38-0408
    • Type in your individual membership number (rick is 1405475318) & password (you may have set this up during the background check process)
    • To renew the Club, click "Renew Club" (already done for 2016)
    • To renew individuals, click "Individual Membership Application" -- is Charles going to take care of this?
Expansion of team, summer practices?  Weeknights?
  • Already started Tuesdays & Thursdays: workouts at the Ohlone Park on Hearst
Raptors store with Alliance Graphics
  • need a parent to get it going
Team member cleanup
  • Moved Annabel, Max, Nikhil, and others to non-player status; deleted some long-ago players
  • Currently 21 active players on TeamSnap!
Uniform quantities on hand
  • Teresa said we have some on hand, but in oddball sizes
  • Joel made a uniform inventory sheet  Shared with board, no data yet
Budget situation
  • Fundraise for travel/hotels to Junior Olympics
  • Made $700 on one Saturday at Monterey Market!
  • Made $780 at Solano Stroll 2015; $150 at Solano Stroll 2016
Parents to help with snacks at practice
  • Need to identify parents
Agenda for next time
  • Finances
  • Uniforms
  • Possibility of new board members
  • Website update

May 1, 2016, Board Meeting

posted Jun 27, 2016, 7:54 AM by Laura Driussi

Raptors Board Meeting 5/1/2016

  • Attendees: Rick, Charles, Joel, Marina, Laura
  • Team Size
    • 12 Raptors came today!
    •  Growing!
  • Summer Goals
    • Junior Olympics will be in Sacramento - great oppty for Raptors
    • Qualifying meet in Sacramento June 24 & June 25
    • JO July 25 – 35
    • Need to figure out who hasn’t sent in birth certificates
    • Likely participants at qualifying meet: Adlai, Issa, Rosie, Jovi, Danny
    • Joel: Potentially have a dinner beforehand for group bonding?
    • Rick/Joel: Potentially a 1-week camp before JO to fill out their skills, just for likely participants
  •  AAU  Junior Olympics
    • some coaches considering AAU in addition to USATF
    • nationals Friday July 8 in Disney World
    • future: consider the regional meets when posted. they were mostly TBA when we checked
  •  SafeSport USATF
  • Solano Stroll:  let's do it!
    • $125 if we apply before June 15 details for nonprofits
    • +$50 to be in the parade (kids might love that!)
    • +$500 deposit (maybe) if we officially want to sell food
    • Laura will fill out the application
    • Decisions to make:
  •  Way to get more parents involved at practices?
    • New parents usually present but not sure what to do; other parents now just dropping their kids off
    • Laura to talk to Margaret about possibly restarting the snack rotation & coffee for Rick & Joel
    • Joel/Rick to come up with parent tasks like putting out medicine balls, getting other equipment ready




Example of email from Marina in 2014


Hi All,


For official USATF meets, birth date verification is required.

If you think your athlete might like to compete at this level, please get a *copy* of a birth certificate or passport to me or Laura. You can scan and email a copy or bring a paper photocopy to practice. 


We will add the club name, athlete's USATF membership number, and then will email a scan to the PAUSATF membership coordinator. Once that is done the update is in the system, you will see a "v" after your athlete's name in the PA USATF roster for our club:



Not many athletes have done this yet, as we thought an original birth certificate was required. Now that Laura found out we can send electronic copies, it gets much easier and you might want to do it now just in case you need to this in the future.




P.S. The following athletes have verified birth dates, thus far:

1.     Isabel Arias-Purcell

2.     Liliana Arias-Purcell

3.     Riley A Harmon

4.     Daveon Sadusky

5.     Max J Shain





-  How to look up the team on public USATF site

o   https://www.pausatf.org/data/clubs.php?club_no=408

o   Shows the wrong practice location

o   Membership contact: change to Teresa?


-     USATF 

  1. http://www.usatf.org and then click Resources For >> Clubs
  2. Click Manage Club
  3. Pull down to Pacific
  4. Pull down to 38-0408
  5. Type in your individual membership number & password (you may have set this up during the background check process)
  6. To renew the Club, click "Renew Club" (already done for 2016)
  7. To renew individuals, click "Individual Membership Application" -- I think Marina is going to take care of this for all current members
    - to register for official USATF meets
    - to check if birth certificate verification is done
    - I *think* everyone with a USATF# in the table below has a verified birth certificate on file.
    - Theresa has been managing the Coacho registrations super smoothly so I don't think anyone else needs to learn how for now, but just in case folks need to know:
    - https://coachoregistration.com click Log In
    - login is raptors
    - password: i'll send separately to each of you

December 23, 2015, Board Meeting (USATF renewal)

posted Jun 27, 2016, 7:51 AM by Laura Driussi   [ updated Jun 27, 2016, 7:52 AM ]

Board members met to work on the steps for USATF renewal.

August 30, 2015 Board Meeting

posted Aug 30, 2015, 10:56 AM by Laura Driussi   [ updated Aug 30, 2015, 11:03 AM ]

  • Finances
    • Account has about $1,800 in the black
    • Decision: close old Mech Bank account (Laura to put the $43.10 into PayPal)
    • Laura's total donation over the years: $2,300 (Teresa to write receipt)
  • Uniform & Gear
    • Parents can direct order from Alliance (Teresa to follow up on email Laura just sent & make a list of items on Facebook + website)
    • Rick had a great experience with this for MLK
  • Practice time earlier
    • Rick: likes current time
  • Quorum for practice
    • Aim for the email to go out on Thursdays (Joel to change notification timing in Team Snap)
    • Notify the team that if there are zero yeses on Thursday evening, practice will be cancelled (gives coaches a chance to plan weekend)
  • Communication
    • Kill the Yahoo Group 
    • (Laura to add an auto-reply re Facebook -- Steffie just posted to it)
  • Solano stroll (9/13)
    • Giveaways
      • Business cards: Rick working on.  One card with both Rick & Joel's names.  Joel = Head Coach
        • 501(c)3 nonprofit needs to be on  business cards
    • Prepare for new members
      • Teresa bringing all uniforms
      • Teresa bringing PayPal thingy to take payments
      • Bring a paper form for people to sign up on the spot
      • Bring a "want more information" sheet  
      • Laura to bring clipboards, pens
      • Laura to bring box of t-shirts
      • Raffle: Rick to ask RoadRunner sports if they can donate a gift cert.
    • Set-up
      • 7 am-10 am there is no specific check-in site. You may enter Solano with your vehicle until 9:30 am 
      • Aim for 9am setup
    • Booth size: 10 x 10
    • Table / chairs / shelter / banner / photos
      • Rick to bring giant photo montage!
      • Rick to bring table & chairs & shelter from King.  Shelter is blue -- is that a problem?
      • Rick has ordered Raptors banner & will also bring MLK banner
      • Teresa to bring zipties
    • Staffing schedule
      • Actual fair is 10am to 6pm
      • Laura & Rick can be there all day
      • Joel will be in Japan
      • Kids to help? (AI: Rick to encourage Raptors & MLK kids to help)
    • Can we sell food/water?
      • "You may not serve consumables unless you register as a food booth"
    • Activities
      • Bring Plyo boxes!
  • Fall race calendar (Joel to post to Facebook)
    • September
      • Blake is running an Oakland Raiders race that starts & ends in the Coliseum - Saturday September 12 (Teresa to post to FB)
      • Albany Community Tri (Johanna and Joel participating
    • November
      • Brazen Turkey Trot
      • Berkeley Half (Garland is running).  Also has a 5K!
    • December
      • Aim for Christmas Relays!  Tough to plan but really fun
  • Team picnic Sunday 9/20: remind everyone?  (Annabel can't make it but Laura can)
    • Laura to send emails to Leah Clara (rsvpd) and board about changing to 9/28

Raptors Board Meeting - June 14, 2015

posted Jun 15, 2015, 5:52 PM by Laura Driussi   [ updated Jun 15, 2015, 5:52 PM ]

Running Raptors Board Meeting Minutes

June 14, 2015

Present:  Rick Holtzman, Marina Zavala, Charles Bultman, Joel Ager, Teresa Buckner, Sue Campbell, Laura Driussi

  • Now Teresa!  New Bank Account!
  • Checks can be made out to Running Raptors
  • Donations are tax deductible
Summer Meets & Runs
  • Junior Olympics is next weekend!  Deadline is Wednesday
    • Teresa to send out a note checking on who will participate
  • Fire Trail Science Center
  • Tilden Park Meadows (former BHS course)
  • Kennedy Grove
USATF membership --> Marina and Charles
  • New Raptors member -- Alec Bruggeman -- may not have membership
  • Jovi Tseng also needs to submit his birth certificate to associate himself with Raptors
  • Junior Olympics -- Competitors need USATF membership for Junior Olympics
  • Competitors need to submit their birth certificate -- can do that for them or ask them to do it.  
Summer Workouts --> Rick
  • Brad doesn’t need to work out at MLK.  BHS team will practice at their track
  • Rick has sent an email to MLK students but only 4 kids have responded; need 5 per day
  • Rick still considering whether to publicize to Raptors (could use Team Snap RSVP minimums)
Jump pit --> Rick
  • MLK is fundraising for a repair to the track
  • We need to raise some additional money for the pit because Raptors uses it too.  What about a bake sale?  @ Monterey Market?  
Solano Stroll --> Marina/Laura
  • Are we too late to sign up?  Can we bake cupcakes and ask for donations?
  • $110 standard rate.  Deadline June 15th
  • UPDATE: Laura mailed an application with $110 today.  May not have made the deadline (5pm for today's postmark?  Dropped into mailbox at 5:15.)
  • Solano Stroll is September 14th 2015
Business cards
  1. All board members and coaches should have business cards
  2. Can we order cards with photos?
  3. Add in the logo
  4. UPDATE: Annabel is really into graphic design right now, so she'll give this a try before we ask other parents.
Team Picnic
  • Decided on Sunday September 20, 11am; updated Team Snap
Next Board Meeting
  • Need to meet before the Stroll, so maybe Sunday August 30? 

Raptors Board Meeting - March 22nd 2015

posted Mar 23, 2015, 6:41 PM by Laura Driussi

Non Profit Status 
  • Application completed & submitted February 9, 2015
  • The non-profit approval will take 90 days (if there are no questions from the Fed)
  • Expected approval date = May 9th 
Raptors Finances 
  • File taxes by April 15th – Teresa and Laura 
  • Turbo Tax might be the best option for filing 
  • In 2014 we received $4079 in dues and we spent $2400 on uniforms. (Uniforms are our biggest expense) 
    • Uniforms: Plenty of singlets and jackets in kid sizes, but none for adults
    • Laura will send a note to parents about jackets – via Team Snap – asking if they want us to order large sizes
  • Dues projection = $2000 
  • ACTION:  Finances approved by the Board 
  • Facebook: Rick has sent out some great race reports & photos.  Primary place for discussions/photos.
  • Team Snap: Rick is sending key announcements to Team Snap
  • Is Team Snap the best place for the race calendar?  Seems to be working okay.
  • Teresa and Charles now have admin rights for Team Snap 
  • When do we recruit?  Our prime months are around the start of the calendar year & school year
  • The web site may not be optimized for searching (Marina will check)
Race Calendar
Joel/Laura will:
  • Get the Race Calendar on Teamsnap (Laura) (Asking Rick if College of Marin All Comers not happening 2015?)
  • Send the race calendar out to parents (Joel)
  • Follow up with documentation for applying to race at the higher competitive levels (Marina)
USATF Application
  • Marina needs to document our practice schedule for USATF
  • Sunday mornings 
  • August to January – MLK
  • January to August – Albany Middle School 
Raptors Camping Trip -- Friday 23rd to Monday 25th 
  • Memorial Day weekend in the Presidio 
  • Friday 23rd to Monday 25th 
Berkeley High and Raptors workouts – Summer 2015
  • Is Brad interested in collaborating with us this summer with workouts at MLK?  (Rick)
Raptors President
  • Charles Bultman (President) will need to be registered with USATF (along with all Board members).  This will include a background check.  Then he will he need to be added to the Statement of Information (non-profit filing)
  • Main Responsibility of President – register new members with UASTF when they join 
Next Board Meeting -- June 6th or June 7th
  • Invite Brad to discuss non-profit status 
  • June 6th or June 7th @ 4 pm 

Raptors Board Meeting - January 25th 2015

posted Mar 23, 2015, 6:36 PM by Laura Driussi

On January 25th, the Board voted unanimously to bring on two new Board members to the Board:
Charles Bultman (President)
Teresa Buckner (Treasurer)
Next meeting:
March 22nd 2015 

Raptors Board Meeting - December 21, 2014

posted Mar 23, 2015, 6:34 PM by Laura Driussi


  • Mission Statement 
    • Joel will provide this 
    • Add to web page and Facebook page 
  • Non-profit steps:  
    • (i) Incorporated (complete)
    • (ii) Tax id (complete)
    • (iii) By-laws (in progress) 
    • (iv) Financial statement
      • provided by Laura (complete)
      • Uniforms are an asset 
      • Financial Statement Approved 
    • (v) Complete non-profit form
      • Meet again to complete form (Sue, Laura, Marina) — 12/28 afternoon
      • Photos — Kenzo and other runners
      • Race reports
      • Copy from web page, By-laws and Teamsnap
      • USATF (number 408) create screen shot from USATF
      • MLK track — will we continue use or move to Albany.  Depends on the MLK pit
      • Coaches — add Joel, Rick, Fernando.  Check with Brad whether he wants to be a Raptors coach
  • Raptors Dues
    • Folks who join January - September we charge them in the current year 
    • Folks who join October - December we charge them in the following year 
    • Uniforms — folks can purchase uniforms without becoming a member, but this will not be much cheaper than a membership
  • New Recruitment
    • One day a month — 1st Sunday for new members.  But welcome any time.  Do not move or cancel 
  • Communication
    • (i) Move to Albany track from January 1st 2015 
    • (ii)    Web site — public communication. UPDATE web site.  Send email Rick/Laura with suggestions for updates.   
    • (iii) Teamsnap is primarily one-way communication.  It will reflect what we ARE doing.  Joel will take this communication role. 
    • (iv) Facebook is many-to-many communication, but more conversational and only the first post is blasted out to all Facebook  
    • (v) Teamsnap Roster Review (Rick12/21)
    • (vi) Stop using Yahoo Groups 
    • Use Rickholzman6@gmail.com
    • Do we need Board member bios?  
  • Advertising
    • (i) Re-design and re-issue bumper stickers ($1 each, order 100) — Kim design, Laura order 
    • (ii) Coaches calling cards — Rick (we have team email runningraptors@gmail.com and team phone number) 
    • (iii) Raptors bird rescue fundraiser (with Brazen?) — Max, Annabel, Nikhil?  
  • Race Plan
    • Joel will add race plan to Teamsnap 
  • Board Membership
      • Communications / Race Planning — Joel Ager
      • Head Coach — Rick Holtzman
      • President — Marina Zavala 
      • Secretary — Sue Campbell 
      • Treasurer — Laura Druissi
      • Let’s invite more folks to join the Board — Laura 
  • Holiday Party
    • January 25th 
    • Sue book room
    • Joel send out communication/invitation

Board Meeting March 14, 2014

posted Mar 17, 2014, 7:36 AM by Laura Driussi   [ updated Mar 17, 2014, 7:47 AM ]

Minutes of the Meeting 
March 14th 2014
Present: Rick, Marina, Sue, Loree, Gabriela, Fernando

Fernando approved as Board Member by a majority vote, but declined to become a Board member due to Indemnification concerns 
Recommendation from Fernando – Indemnification --We need liability insurance of $1-2 million from USATF.  COST Approx.  $800 per $2 million coverage.  (Marina to investigate)
Question from Fernando – do we need a Director of the Board to act as Auditor of the club’s finances?
UASTF coverage is location specific, but will USATF allow us to register in multiple locations on the same day—explain that the club does running in a separate location from throws (Marina to investigate)
Are we allowed to practice at Cougar Field?  Did we get permission?  Need to renew this for 2014?  (Marina to work on this)
Can we get the keys to the Cougar Field bathrooms?  (Loree to work on this)
By Laws -- Section 1. Fiscal Period: the fiscal period of the Corporation shall be on a calendar year, beginning January 1st and ending December 31st.  – Brad suggested we might want to review this in the future. ..

Documents APPROVED
By-Laws approved by the Board.  
Welcome Packet approved by the Board.  Rick/Laura will up-load the Welcome Packet to Raptor’s Website.  Brad will help with formatting, if necessary.  

Other Business Executed on March 15th and 16th
1. The Board voted unanimously to refund monies owed to Laura Driussi (Raptors Racing Treasurer).  The refund amount is $2000.  

2. Gary Chan Formally Terminated from the Raptors Board 
Dear Gary,
We are writing to confirm that you are no longer a coach or board member of the Raptors.  Your recent emails to parents, board members, and a Raptor make it impossible for you to remain a part of the team. 
Please let us know if there are any outstanding finances to take care of. 
Thank you for your time and commitment to the Raptors over the past couple years. We send our best wishes to Jared and your family.
the Raptors Board

Board Meeting November 2, 2013

posted Mar 11, 2014, 9:22 PM by Laura Driussi   [ updated Mar 11, 2014, 9:22 PM ]

Raptors Board Meeting
BHS and Raptors
Goal :
·         BHS needs a club vehicle, which is missing in North County.  Castro Valley Track Club is an example of this
·         Raptors is currently the only club with High School age kids in this part of the Bay Area
·         Create a means by which BHS athletes can train through the winter, and compete
·         Brian had a running club, but he is moving on to divinity school
·         Raptors can bridge the gap, in the summer, for pre High-schoolers no matter where they eventually go to High School
·         Raptors is a very casual club, and this culture will not change
·         We are not strict about USATF membership.  When a Raptors runner is about to run at a USATF meet, Marina applies for USATF membership for them
·         Sunday workouts will stay the same.  The High Schoolers are unlikely to join the Sunday Raptors, though this could be encouraged if Raptors are ready for it. During the running season, High Schoolers will train after school @ BHS
·         We would like the new Raptors members to feel that they belong to the club and are building relationships with the younger runners
·         The BHS runners don’t normally run outside High School meets, during the running season
·         A BHS-Raptor merger will not be a problem with CIF rules.  Raptors would be acting independently from BHS.  Brad cannot recruit for BHS from the Raptors pre-High School contingent
·         CIF rules allow youth to train in the summer
·         At the end of the season, High School runners cannot represent the High School in a race
·         The BHS coaches are qualified to teach long jump, long-distance training and track
·         Raptors has USATF liability insurance (but we need to get parents to sign a liability form)
·         Cost of Raptors = $125 ($67 cost of uniform) and USATF ($20).  Payment before we order the uniform would be good.  NOTE:  In January there will be an influx of funds, from memberships, because we will not be ordering uniforms for all members
·         We could fund-raise via a High School event, or Solano Stroll
·         Start in a few weeks – First workout Monday Nov 25th @ BHS
·         USATF membership will be required immediately for all BHS Raptors
·         Uniform orders will take 3 weeks.  Brad will collect payments before we order the uniforms
·         We will add BHS events to Team Snap, except for daily workouts (BHS runners attendance at meets will depend on their training schedule)
·         We need Raptors to be a 501(3c) so we can fundraise – Brad will investigate if he can find someone to help us with this
·         Upcoming meets – Brazen Nitro-Turkey on Thanksgiving day.  Lake Merced Christmas relay December 15th. 
·         Races to organize for fundraising – 4th July Fun Run at the Marina (?).  Partner with Transports to do a Solano Scramble (the Police may say no.  Could park at AMS).  Racetrack? 
Loree & Brad -- Raptors Board Member approval
The Board agreed that Lori will join the Raptors Board.  Welcome Loree!
The Board agreed that Brad will join the Raptors Board.  Welcome Brad!
Welcome Packet
Brad will help us to put together a Welcome packet.   We need the framework and we will add the content with Brad’s help.   http://www.berkeleyhighathletics.org/cross-country

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