Board Meeting November 2, 2013

Post date: Mar 12, 2014 4:22:10 AM

Raptors Board Meeting


BHS and Raptors

Goal :

· BHS needs a club vehicle, which is missing in North County. Castro Valley Track Club is an example of this

· Raptors is currently the only club with High School age kids in this part of the Bay Area

· Create a means by which BHS athletes can train through the winter, and compete

· Brian had a running club, but he is moving on to divinity school

· Raptors can bridge the gap, in the summer, for pre High-schoolers no matter where they eventually go to High School


· Raptors is a very casual club, and this culture will not change

· We are not strict about USATF membership. When a Raptors runner is about to run at a USATF meet, Marina applies for USATF membership for them

· Sunday workouts will stay the same. The High Schoolers are unlikely to join the Sunday Raptors, though this could be encouraged if Raptors are ready for it. During the running season, High Schoolers will train after school @ BHS

· We would like the new Raptors members to feel that they belong to the club and are building relationships with the younger runners

· The BHS runners don’t normally run outside High School meets, during the running season

· A BHS-Raptor merger will not be a problem with CIF rules. Raptors would be acting independently from BHS. Brad cannot recruit for BHS from the Raptors pre-High School contingent

· CIF rules allow youth to train in the summer

· At the end of the season, High School runners cannot represent the High School in a race

· The BHS coaches are qualified to teach long jump, long-distance training and track

· Raptors has USATF liability insurance (but we need to get parents to sign a liability form)

· Cost of Raptors = $125 ($67 cost of uniform) and USATF ($20). Payment before we order the uniform would be good. NOTE: In January there will be an influx of funds, from memberships, because we will not be ordering uniforms for all members

· We could fund-raise via a High School event, or Solano Stroll


· Start in a few weeks – First workout Monday Nov 25th @ BHS

· USATF membership will be required immediately for all BHS Raptors

· Uniform orders will take 3 weeks. Brad will collect payments before we order the uniforms

· We will add BHS events to Team Snap, except for daily workouts (BHS runners attendance at meets will depend on their training schedule)

· We need Raptors to be a 501(3c) so we can fundraise – Brad will investigate if he can find someone to help us with this

· Upcoming meets – Brazen Nitro-Turkey on Thanksgiving day. Lake Merced Christmas relay December 15th.

· Races to organize for fundraising – 4th July Fun Run at the Marina (?). Partner with Transports to do a Solano Scramble (the Police may say no. Could park at AMS). Racetrack?

Loree & Brad -- Raptors Board Member approval

The Board agreed that Lori will join the Raptors Board. Welcome Loree!

The Board agreed that Brad will join the Raptors Board. Welcome Brad!

Welcome Packet

Brad will help us to put together a Welcome packet. We need the framework and we will add the content with Brad’s help.