Raptors take huge contingent to College of Marin All-Comers meet

Post date: Jan 21, 2013 4:21:26 PM

November 11, 2012

I believe this was a new record for Raptor's race attendance. We had seventeen Raptors doing various (and multiple--Krisna did the 3000, the 800, the 400, the 100 and the long jump) events. I'll include the links to the results but a few kudos are essential:

First, it was great to see Danny again. He returned to the club in spectacular fashion, running the 400 in 1:17 and long jumping 10' 9". Annabel had special permission from her HS coach to run the 3000 and just missed making the national "top 100" list for 3000 meter runners her age.

<<ctl 161.jpg>>

The start of the 3000 meters. Note: all Raptors!

<<ctl 223.jpg>>

Shelby in the 3000. She ran a brave race. She got a cramp/stitch on the 3rd lap and just kept going!

She needed an 11:17 and she ran 1:19. Next time for sure! We hadn't seen Jamie for a while either and he excelled with a 14' 10" victory in the long jump. We also had three brand new Raptors, the De Silva's, Rashi, Rakesh and Cain and three first-time meet competitors, Ella, Maddie and Cara.

<<ctl 103.jpg>>

Ella, Maddie and Cara getting into the "Raptors spirit." Cara demonstrates the essential "flying goats" warmup exercise.