Raptors attack other teams and their own PR's at Running Rebels meet while everyone in the club sets a record for good-natured patience!

Post date: Nov 21, 2012 6:19:16 AM

June 19, 2010

Before I say anything about our awesome team, kudos to everyone, adult and kid alike for outstanding perseverance on what was a loooong day in the sun. Maybe people were venting elsewhere but I heard not one complaint or whine from anyone and the kids are truly remarkable in their ability to keep each other entertained. There are intangibles beyond fast times and race wins that make a great club and the biggie is having good people, which we have in spades. Thanks to everyone for making it a memorable day.

That said, there is always room for fast times and good performances too and the Raptors certainly "came to play" at this meet. I don't always like singling out certain people when everyone ran very, very well, but I would be remiss not to lead with the PRs of Nikhil and Annabel.

The first to PR was Annabel, who came into the race with a very respectable 6:39 best. When the smoke cleared after her race she had taken a staggering twelve seconds off her record, running a 6:07 1500 meters which converts (adding 20 seconds is the standard conversion) to a 6:27 mile.

Annabel. This is actually in the 800 but her pictures always look the same: She's invariably going FAST!

We'd not finished being amazed by Annabel when Nikhil stepped on the track for his 1500 meter race.

Ever since he started running in earnest, Nikhil has been chopping time off his mile PR; first into the nines, then the eights, then down into the sevens. Today he crashed through another barrier and went into the sixes with a 6:32 1500 meters, which converts to a 6:52 mile! Nice going Nikhil! Oh, BTW, Nikhil won his age group in the 1500!

I got so excited watching both 1500s I forgot to take pictures. So here's a picture of a non-running Nikhil that Annabel took.

These efforts were only some of the great performances by Raptors. It seemed to go on all day. We had fast 400s run by both Jackson (2nd in his heat!) and Elijah. A sparkling 32 second 200 by Jamie who was in a blisteringly fast heat but didn't give up. . . a 1-2 Raptors finish in the 3000 meters by Max and Mady (okay they were the only two in the race; but the race was open to anyone. It's not Max and Mady's problem that the Raptors are the only club tough enough to tackle the long runs). . . a 24' shot put by Gabe . Oh, and Annabel backing up her 1500 with a spectacular 3:04 800 meters. . . it goes on and on.

I was totally proud of everyone there and I think for a brand-new club we made quite a splash. A few coaches from other clubs approached me to single out one or another of our runners and jumpers for praise. That's a nice feeling!

More pictures to come in the photo section if I don't fall asleep first! Is anyone else sunburned?!