Raptors tear competitors limb from limb at DSE Cross Country race!

Post date: Nov 21, 2012 6:27:56 AM

Summer 2010

Well, okay, admittedly that's not only over-the-top hyperbole, it's actually not even true. But it's fun to write. In reality, there was a serious bunch of runners at today's race and the Raptors acquitted themselves very well given the level of competition. Actually Max ran exactly to his typical form and really did obliterate what competition he had in the kids division. He was so far ahead of the next kid that I actually got tired of waiting for that second kid to appear and changed locations!

Max pounds the downhill, mellow as can be. The new glasses are tres hip, too!

Normally Nikhil would have been close but today he was hobbled by stopping to tie an untied lace (double knots, people, double knots!), which put him far enough behind that he decided to wait a bit for Marina and run with her. That left Kim to gain "I beat Nikhil this time" bragging rights and she took full advantage of the situation by running a very strong race complete with an awesome finish kick (it's wonderful what your kid yelling "Go Mom! Sprint!" can do for motivation) that took her past two people at the very end.

Kim finishes strong. Her two "victims" trail. . .

Marina ran her second race this summer and considering she had not been able to work out for a while (knee) and the course was tough, she had a stellar day. She also learned a bit about running her own pace!

A fun morning (and free Starbuck's coffee!) and a chance to try out the new telephoto lens which I think will lead to some good pics once I learn it's ins-and outs.