They came. They saw. They Concord.

Post date: Nov 21, 2012 6:56:31 AM

October 2011

Okay they didn't "Concor." They more "San Ramoned." But the results were as per usual; an almost complete Raptors rout.

5K? Jamie simply burst onto the scene as a major Brazen "player" finishingsixth overall and first in his age group. Nikhil: 13th overall and 2nd in age group. And he would have been much higher up had not the drink he took at an aid station set his stomach on fire. Laura: not sure of the overall but second in her age group.

And the 10K? Claire: 18th overall, third woman and first in her age group. Annabel: 31st overall, fifth woman and 2nd in her age group. Tarq was sixth in his age group.

So them's the bare facts but there are always stories behind the headlines. The top story this time is unquestionably Annabel's heroic race. She and Claire were bombing along in the 10K. They had already done a bunch of nasty downhills which Annabel dispatched in her customary "Oh Boy! It's a 100 meter race downhill!" style, which actually has a very well thought out basis (she explained it to me) and has served her in good stead so far. But even brilliant concepts sometimes backfire and today she stepped just a tad wrong (incredibly easy to do on those chewed up trails) and twisted her ankle BAD. Claire was behind Annabel at that point (she told me, "I'm just way too chicken to do those hills like Annabel.") and found her in a heap, in extreme pain at the bottom of the hill.

Less painful times before the race

Annabel bade Claire to keep going, got up, began hobbling, then running, then running fast again. Long story short she finished fifth woman! But she was in pain. Annabel is one of those "toughies" where if you see tears youknow something extreme is happening and she was basically weeping as she crossed the line. I talked to her as she finished and about all she could get out was, "It hurts so bad."

Annabel finishes. Yes those are tears.

But of course this is Annabel, the original phoenix! Before the paramedic even got the ice on her ankle she was talking politely with other finishers and showing a hint of a smile. A few minutes later she was grinning and laughing as she recounted the tale. LUCKILY she may be okay! She was up and around after icing and had virtually no limp. By the time we walked back to the parking lot she said it felt pretty good. Still, how brave is this girl? I've flat run out out of adjectives and adverbs for Annabel and may truly be forced to break down and buy a pocket thesaurus!

Getting ice from the paramedic. Already coming around.

Ten minutes later.

And up and around again if a bit crooked!

OH! Annabel held the 5K course record for the woman's 5K at Rocky Ridge, which she set last year. GUESS WHAT? She still holds it. She ran a 27 min. race last year. The winning woman's time this year was 31!!!

Of course I'm forced to recycle superlatives for all our runners. Claire not only looked fabulous in the 10K but her third woman finish earned her a North Face running shirt, one so cool and spendy you'd love to have it but would never buy it for yourself. So what does Claire do with the certificate for the shirt? She gives it to Annabel, saying, "I want you to have it. You totally earned it today."

I hope I'm not offending anyone here but I wish every damn REPUBLICAN/Tea Party/"We love the rich" scumbag could watch how thekids in Raptors act. They'd all just curl up from shame. No they wouldn't. They wouldn't even care. . . oh well. What do they say, "Think globally; act locally?" The Raptors have that one wired.