May 1, 2016, Board Meeting

Post date: Jun 27, 2016 2:54:03 PM

Raptors Board Meeting 5/1/2016

    • Attendees: Rick, Charles, Joel, Marina, Laura
    • Team Size
      • 12 Raptors came today!
      • Growing!
    • Summer Goals
      • Junior Olympics will be in Sacramento - great oppty for Raptors
      • Qualifying meet in Sacramento June 24 & June 25
      • JO July 25 – 35
      • Need to figure out who hasn’t sent in birth certificates
      • Likely participants at qualifying meet: Adlai, Issa, Rosie, Jovi, Danny
      • Joel: Potentially have a dinner beforehand for group bonding?
      • Rick/Joel: Potentially a 1-week camp before JO to fill out their skills, just for likely participants
    • AAU Junior Olympics
      • some coaches considering AAU in addition to USATF
      • nationals Friday July 8 in Disney World
      • future: consider the regional meets when posted. they were mostly TBA when we checked
    • SafeSport USATF
      • all adults associated with the club have to do this
      • Joel is done -- that's probably why our team got renewed -- but everyone needs to complete the training ASAP.
    • Solano Stroll: let's do it!
      • $125 if we apply before June 15 details for nonprofits
      • +$50 to be in the parade (kids might love that!)
      • +$500 deposit (maybe) if we officially want to sell food
      • Laura will fill out the application
      • Decisions to make:
    • Way to get more parents involved at practices?
      • New parents usually present but not sure what to do; other parents now just dropping their kids off
      • Laura to talk to Margaret about possibly restarting the snack rotation & coffee for Rick & Joel
      • Joel/Rick to come up with parent tasks like putting out medicine balls, getting other equipment ready



Example of email from Marina in 2014

Hi All,

For official USATF meets, birth date verification is required.

If you think your athlete might like to compete at this level, please get a *copy* of a birth certificate or passport to me or Laura. You can scan and email a copy or bring a paper photocopy to practice.

We will add the club name, athlete's USATF membership number, and then will email a scan to the PAUSATF membership coordinator. Once that is done the update is in the system, you will see a "v" after your athlete's name in the PA USATF roster for our club:

Not many athletes have done this yet, as we thought an original birth certificate was required. Now that Laura found out we can send electronic copies, it gets much easier and you might want to do it now just in case you need to this in the future.



P.S. The following athletes have verified birth dates, thus far:

1. Isabel Arias-Purcell

2. Liliana Arias-Purcell

3. Riley A Harmon

4. Daveon Sadusky

5. Max J Shain


- How to look up the team on public USATF site


o Shows the wrong practice location

o Membership contact: change to Teresa?



    1. and then click Resources For >> Clubs
    2. Click Manage Club
    3. Pull down to Pacific
    4. Pull down to 38-0408
    5. Type in your individual membership number & password (you may have set this up during the background check process)
    6. To renew the Club, click "Renew Club" (already done for 2016)
    7. To renew individuals, click "Individual Membership Application" -- I think Marina is going to take care of this for all current members


- to register for official USATF meets

- to check if birth certificate verification is done

- I *think* everyone with a USATF# in the table below has a verified birth certificate on file.

- Theresa has been managing the Coacho registrations super smoothly so I don't think anyone else needs to learn how for now, but just in case folks need to know:

- click Log In

- login is raptors

- password: i'll send separately to each of you