The sound of PRs being shattered!

Post date: Jul 29, 2013 10:34:03 PM

There is of course zero sound when PRs are broken except for perhaps a few exultant cries! It's just time and numbers. But if there was such a noise what would it sound like? These are the kinds of things I consider when I wake up in the a.m.! So this morning I was thinking that shattered PRs sound like wine classes tossed in the air and allowed to break on asphalt. Or maybe light bulbs (the old, incandescent type) shot with a BB gun? EO and I used to shoot all our dead bulbs with his BB gun when he was little and that was a cool sound. So, who knows?

But if there was such a noise made, it would have been deafening yesterday at the LMJS "4th Sunday" run. We had a nice mix of runners in all three races (5K, 10K, 15K) and there were PRs in every race!

Don't be too nervous, kids.

The start. Prospective Raptor Leo is #192.

First Raptor across the finish was Abby with an amazing 20:29. Abby was second female overall and also set a new 12-year-old record for Fourth Sunday 5K! and who's record did she break? Yup, another Raptor, Riley! It doesn't get much better than one Raptor breaking another Raptor's record. As mentioned in the "Runner of the Week" section, this record was a follow-up to her mile PR set just a few days before (Thursday) and the BHS track. In that race Abby took thirteen seconds off her PR, lowering her mile time from 6:05 to 5:52!

Abby finishing.

Actually Abby was the first "uniformed" official Raptor but Leo Gordon who may or may not be joining Raptors (Daveon says he is) finished ahead of Abby with a stunning 20:11! How old is Leo? Eleven. We hope he joins!

Not far behind these two was Alexis who has been improving in leaps and bounds over this summer. Alexis finished the 5K. looking not the least bit stressed with a 22:18, chopping a huge one minute and eighteen seconds off her PR! Wow. Nice run, Alexis.

Alexis pours it on!

Also in the 5K were the "Arias sisters," 'Belle and Lily. I'm not sure of their times since LMJS had some timing/scoring glitches and I can't find them in the results? I know 'Belle had some knee soreness and didn't go as fast as she had hoped but Lily won her age group for sure since she was easily the tiniest person out there!

She may be tiny but she has great form.

Daveon decided to run the 10K since a bunch of his former teammates from St. Mary's were running it. In one of his first ever 10Ks he broke 40 minutes with a 39:39. Granted I was a bit older but still it took me six years of trying to break 40 minutes in the 10K. And here Daveon does it first time out. Sheesh! Oh, and just to keep himself occupied on the first loop, Daveon paced Leo trying to get him under 20 minutes for the 5K, a mark he just missed.

Daveon flies into the finish!

So, on to the 15K which has become Jared territory" totally! Jared, fresh from a 1/2 marathon PR in Chicago the week before, didn't disappoint! Although he was 1 1 /2 minutes behind PR pace after the second loop (10K), he dug deep and ended up PRing by sixteen seconds in 69:37. Great run , Jared.

Jared finishes strong and relaxed.

Michaela is become another regular 15K'er although I believe she is the youngest ever to run it and certainly the youngest to run it repeatedly. And, with usual Raptors toughness, Michaela (and Mom Shoshana who ran with her) was leaving that night on a red-eye flight to New York! I mean doesn't everyone run almost ten miles to prepare for a grueling plane flight?

Michaela, looking like she's run maybe 800 meters instead of 15K, finishes with her admiring throng!

Although this was another great turnout, especially considering that many of our club members are out of town, we all missed our fellow clubmembers and can't wait for the next Fourth sunday run which is only a few days before the start of school and thus will hopefully be attended by the like of both Claras, Annabel, Nikhil, Corina and all the others!

I love these two pics! They are so "Raptors."