OMG! There is more!

Post date: Nov 25, 2013 9:48:40 PM

So, I finish the report below, feeling pretty good about Raptors being in three races, forgetting the fact that they were in five!

That's right, Daveon and Riley also raced! Daveon ran an extremely hard 5K XC course in Folsom to qualify for the Western Region 14 championships next Sunday in Clovis!

Riley took part in the Davis "Turkey Trot" on Saturday. "Took part" is just a nice way to say: "Riley wins 13-15 A.G. at the Davis Turkey Trot 5K easily with a 20:19, and also places 5th woman overall in a large (1600+) field. Dad Frank just misses an A.G. award in the Half-M by about a second (1:354:59)!" (thanks Gary!).

Riley ran the "Turkey Trot" on Saturday. The next morning she regretfully withdrew from the Fourth Sunday race because she was feeling "a little tired!" Well, no kidding! Think about that! She was actually considering running another race the next day! These kids are insane! But I mean that in a good way!!!!!!!