Annabel scores yet another first-woman finish at Brazen Badger Cove" 5K

Post date: Jan 21, 2013 1:57:24 AM

March 17, 2012

Rockin' race report by Laura

Very cold and muddy in Livermore today. Annabel was so uncomfortable. Not raining, luckily, but we huddled in the car until just before race start, and she actually raced in her long sleeved jacket.

The start. That's Annabel in blue & black in the center.

The race was out & back, smooth, with not much of an elevation change, so I figured she'd be 5th or 6th female and win her age group and we'd be happy. Got a little nervous when we saw how many people were lining up for the race. (Later found out it was 317).

I found a good spot to watch from: the start of a big curve at the end of the race. I realized I could watch for her, take a picture, cheer, and then cut across the grass to get to the finish line & get another picture.

Saw the first men coming in, then two incredibly young boys, probably 10 & 11. 8 males total. Then suddenly there was Annabel, being paced by a kindly looking gentleman. She was the first female coming around that curve, with what looked like a 12-year-old girl right behind her! She picked up the pace, leaving both the gentleman and the 12-year old behind. Finish: 23:10. I was too excited to get that last picture in, of course.

Annabel and her pacer. I think we should recruit him for Raptors!

Sam called over the PA system, "Yes, it's Annabel Driussi coming in as the female winner. No, this is not her first win either--she holds the course record at Rocky Ridge and also won Hellyer!" [actually not true that she won Hellyer--we think maybe he's confusing her with Claire]

Annabel says there was about a half mile in total mud. Everyone's shoes were heavy with the gloop.

Her report: "We all thought those boys were going to get left behind in the dust. It was totally amazing to watch how fast they went. For me, the old man would run ahead of me and then there'd be a downhill and I'd pass him, and then he'd pass me again on the flats. I knew I was the first female the whole way but toward the end I started worrying that maybe another female would suddenly speed up. I'd hear breathing behind me but I could tell that it was always a guy. Then suddenly I heard a female panting! I started to sprint, checking behind me constantly. I kept imagining her catching up right behind me, although it turned out at the end that she was farther back than that." [er, 5 seconds.]

The #2 girl did turn out to be 12 years old. Her name is Sophie and she lives in Los Altos. We tried to recruit her to Raptors, but Annabel thinks they looked a little skeptical. I think they just don't have the dedication we've come to expect now that Gary & Jared are in the club!

We did forget to talk to the boys, but it looks like they live in Livermore and San Mateo. We'll definitely have to watch for them next time.

After the race we stopped at Mr. Pickle's in Livermore for lunch. Couldn't resist the mascot:

Rick note: Not that I'm big on guilt trips (well, okay yes I am! They can be useful.) but jeez, Annabel did all this great work with not one other Raptor there? That's right, not even the coach who shamefully slept in, thus missing an incredible performance. We can do better than that. At least I know I can!