Small but fast Raptors team at Ed Sias Invitational

Post date: Nov 21, 2012 6:32:45 AM

September 2010

I think it's actually pronounced "ed SEE-us" but I'll always call it "ed sy-us". Regardless, it's the first big meet of the Bay Area cross country season, so the Raptors were of course there. Mady had a soccer game and Annabel was fighting a cold (get better Annabel!), so our Raptors forces were somewhat depleted. But, as always, the ones who were there gave their all. First Raptors finisher was John, who ripped the place up with a fast aggressive run and an excellent 13:48 time for the tough, hot two-mile course.

John comes off the bridge and prepares to charge the killer hill. He was flyin'!

Next in was Max, sporting his new CC shoes from Transports, which he said worked great. Max was 2nd "kid" but first kid looked more like maybe 15 to me. Max attacked the nasty end-of-the-race hill, passing two adult runners as he quickly picked his way up the chewed up and rutted path. His time was 15:36, which is excellent for a 6th grader on this course this early in the season.

Max on the hot, dusty section of the course.

Happy finishers. Max looks pensive. Nikhil dreams of world peace.

Sarah followed Max, having started last and then, in her usual fashion, gobbling up runners one-by-one. Last of our Raptors was Nikhil, but considering he got lost three times, he wasn't all that far back. Maybe GPS next time, Nikhil? Nolan was also there, running in a later race for Albany. He finished 10th out of a huge field.

Ed Sias is a big meet, with 40 full high school teams, so the ambiance is pretty intimidating, but our kids kept their cool at least until well after the race when no one was cool as the temp. just rose and rose. When I left at about 1:30 p.m. it must have been pushing 100! They don't call it the "Devil Valley" for nothing.