Raptors "rule" even more at Nitro Races

Post date: Nov 21, 2012 6:16:15 AM

June 5, 2010

Last week's results were impressive considering we only had two runners. For this week's "Nitro" Run at Pt. Pinole we had closer to a full team and the results were very strong!

Everyone did great, but I think our lead mention and picture this week should be of Marina. Marina graduated her "Couch to 5K" program at this race and the ceremony consisted of running her first-ever 5K without stopping. She did it! Marina not only accomplished her goal, she did it all with style, looking just fine as she crossed the line smiling. We are all VERY proud of her but of course she is now cursed! Instead of resting on her laurels, she now has a PR in the 5K and can strive to beat it. This isn't the end, it's the beginning! As the great song by Blue Scholars says: "No Rest for the Weary."

<<photo missing>>

Marina and Karen cross the finish line.

Elsewhere in the 5K, Nolan simply ran away from the field. The second place finisher tried to stay with Nolan for a while but really, it's futile and he had the sense to realize it and fall back! Nolan not only won the race overall but set a new course record in doing it. Who held the record before? Another Albany runner, Jack Wallace.

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Nolan, near the end of the race, all alone. The girl behind him is running the 10K and is turning off onto a different part of the course.

The kids class in the 5K was once again dominated by Raptors. In 13th overall and first kid was Max, followed by Nikhil, 23rd overall and 2nd kid. This is out of 126 runners! Nikhil took a staggering seven minutes off his 5K PR. In his first-ever 5K in Walnut Creek, Nikhil was ten minutes behind Max. This time he was two minutes behind. And Max was not dawdling. He was moving!

Not to be outdone by her child, Kim put it in overdrive and won her age group! That's right, another first place for the Raptors. This is not a rinky-dink club!

Another new Raptor, Karen, had originally planned to run all-out but, realizing that she was leaving the next morning for a three-day back-packing trip with friends decided that running with Marina might be a.) smarter b.) possibly helpful to Marina in her first race and c.) more fun! But Karen may have gotten the spirit, so all should watch out. She is very competitive!

We also had a Raptor in the 10K. Fresh from her spectacular "comeback" race of the preceding weekend (see story to right), and running her second 10K race in a week, Sarah finished an excellent fourth in her age group.

It's rare to have a day where everyone in the club goes away happy and satisfied, but today was indeed one of those days. Kudos to everyone, including Allen who worked his tail off as the official photog for the race organizers.