Two NEW Raptors take hardware at Brazen "Nitro Turkey" Run

Post date: Nov 21, 2012 6:58:08 AM

November 2011

All our old Raptors stayed away due to various Thanksgiving festivities or maybe because the weather looked to be awful! But two new Raptor recruits came: Delaney and her Mom Maureen. Delaney is yet another of our great MLK 6th grade girls and was one of three 6th graders that ran on King's Bay Area Championship girl's XC team.

The start. Delaney is in purple and her Mom is behind her in green.

The weather actually cooperated! By the time the race started, the rain had completely stopped and the sun even fooled with coming out for a while. At one point near the end of the 10K there was even a rainbow arching over the trail on which the runners were coming into the finish.

Delaney near the finish, far, far ahead of the next youngster. You can just see the rainbow in the background.

So, how did our new Raptors do? This was a huge race, one of the biggest Brazen Races I've seen. So there was a lot of competition. But the new Raptors did pretty much like our "old" Raptors do! Delaney was the second kid to finish the 10K and easily the first girl under like 25 years old!

Mom and daughter with medals. Maureen got two also.

Her Mom finished a fine second in her age group. So now we just need to get them some "Raptor-wear" so they "represent" for us!