Chaia finishes her first-ever marathon!

Post date: May 6, 2013 12:07:11 AM

Running in the Western Pacific marathon in Fremont on May 4th, Chaia completed the first of what we suspect will be many marathons! Chaia had been hoping to run under five hours. She did that with ease. In fact she ran waaaay under five with a time of 4:30.

4:30.21!!! She doesn't even look tired!

Chaia has been training for the race as apart of her "isearch," a large research project done by all 8th graders. She's been explaining the event, interviewing runners, logging all her workouts and the "wrap-up" of the project was to actually run the race. I'm sure she would have gotten an "A" (actually they grade by numbers at MLK so I guess I should say a "4") anyway since all our Raptors are brilliant, but this should maybe give her a "4-plus! Chaia cut this one pretty close too. She of course started out already very fit but think she has only had a few months of actual marathon training. So I imagine the last few miles (10?) were not that fun. But she did it! And Emilie (who was keeping me filled in by text since she was at the race and I was at "Running Rebels") said Chaia did not look the least bit overstressed at the finish! Fantastic job, Chaia!

Julia and Emilie congratulate Chaia. They drove to Fremont to cheer her on!