Raptors Racing Board Meeting June 11 2013

Post date: Jun 14, 2013 3:46:53 PM

July 4th Party

Terrace Park

Raptors Uniforms

Do we ask folks to return uniforms? We can offer a return fee

It’s good to have a large supply of uniforms at hand

The uniforms are a reasonable price

Renew uniforms every two years rather than every year?


We paid $3000 for uniforms

Laura’s family subsidizing the Raptors by $2000

Dues are due in January

Send out a Reminder in September

Annual Charge = $125

Annual costs = $92

· USATF = $25

· Uniform = $67

Buffer = $33 per person

Fundraising ideas

Cupcakes ($120 raised)

Spring 2014 – organize a race for fundraising. Ann Trason may be interested in helping out. ‘Ann Trason Ultra’. 12 or 24 hour race. Generate $15,000 to $20,000

Bring in Ford timing ($295)

Solano Stroll – need a booth (Sept 2013). Piggy-back booth for the first year.

· Vendor Fees $150 - Pre June 15

· June 15-July 15 (Late). $225 and $15 Jury

Board Meeting

Let’s invite Riley’s mom to join the Board

Summer 2013

We should do more trail stuff on Sunday mornings

NOTE: If you volunteer to work at a Brazen race they will give you a credit for a free race

Raptors Coaches

Rocklin Meet -- Runners could not run without official coach to pick up the bibs

To be a Raptors Coach Gary needs

· To apply to be USATF coach (Marina needs DOB)

· Fingerprinted

Fernando also needs to get fingerprinted

National USATF has different list of approved coaches than those on Regional USATF list

Welcome Packet

Gabriela wants feedback from coaches

Send feedback to Sue