December 4, 2016, Board Meeting

Post date: Dec 5, 2016 10:48:12 PM

Present: Coach Rick, Coach Joel, Laura

Memo to MLK re access to shed

    • AI: Joel to finalize the draft letter to MLK
    • AI: Rick to email Joel the attachment (Items in shed) - n/a

Existing Raptors Board Members - for Secretary of State Letter re our 501C status. This is an annual occurrence.

    • Charles: President
    • Teresa: Treasurer
    • Laura: Secretary
    • Decision: Laura to submit renewal from with these board members for now (deadline 12/23/2016)

Remind Raptor parents and friends that donations are tax deductible?

Possible New Board Members

    • President: Joel to consider
    • Treasurer: Teresa doing a great job
    • Secretary: A parent volunteered to work on communications for the team. Laura emailed her

Next meeting

    • Rick to send email to Team Snap recruiting parent volunteers
    • Laura to schedule a new meeting with those new parents

USATF status

      • Justin is listed as associated with another track club -- he is planning to reassociate soon
      • Joel is listed as a coach with the team & approved
      • AI: Rick & Justin to watch the SafeSport video & get USATF status updated. Ongoing
      • AI: Marina to tell us how to log in to renew the team
    • CLUB
      • and then click Resources For >> Clubs
      • Click Manage Club
      • Pull down to Pacific
      • Pull down to 38-0408
      • Type in your individual membership number (rick is 1405475318) & password (you may have set this up during the background check process)
      • To renew the Club, click "Renew Club" (already done for 2016)
      • To renew individuals, click "Individual Membership Application" -- is Charles going to take care of this?

Expansion of team, summer practices? Weeknights?

    • Already started Tuesdays & Thursdays: workouts at the Ohlone Park on Hearst

Raptors store with Alliance Graphics

    • need a parent to get it going

Team member cleanup

    • Moved Annabel, Max, Nikhil, and others to non-player status; deleted some long-ago players
    • Currently 21 active players on TeamSnap!

Uniform quantities on hand

    • Teresa said we have some on hand, but in oddball sizes
    • Joel made a uniform inventory sheet Shared with board, no data yet

Budget situation

    • Fundraise for travel/hotels to Junior Olympics
    • Made $700 on one Saturday at Monterey Market!
    • Made $780 at Solano Stroll 2015; $150 at Solano Stroll 2016

Parents to help with snacks at practice

    • Need to identify parents

Agenda for next time

    • Finances
    • Uniforms
    • Possibility of new board members
    • Website update