Board Meeting March 14, 2014

Post date: Mar 17, 2014 2:36:01 PM

Minutes of the Meeting

March 14th 2014

Present: Rick, Marina, Sue, Loree, Gabriela, Fernando

• Fernando approved as Board Member by a majority vote, but declined to become a Board member due to Indemnification concerns

• Recommendation from Fernando – Indemnification --We need liability insurance of $1-2 million from USATF. COST Approx. $800 per $2 million coverage. (Marina to investigate)

• Question from Fernando – do we need a Director of the Board to act as Auditor of the club’s finances?

• UASTF coverage is location specific, but will USATF allow us to register in multiple locations on the same day—explain that the club does running in a separate location from throws (Marina to investigate)

• Are we allowed to practice at Cougar Field? Did we get permission? Need to renew this for 2014? (Marina to work on this)

• Can we get the keys to the Cougar Field bathrooms? (Loree to work on this)

• By Laws -- Section 1. Fiscal Period: the fiscal period of the Corporation shall be on a calendar year, beginning January 1st and ending December 31st. – Brad suggested we might want to review this in the future. ..

Documents APPROVED

• By-Laws approved by the Board.

• Welcome Packet approved by the Board. Rick/Laura will up-load the Welcome Packet to Raptor’s Website. Brad will help with formatting, if necessary.

Other Business Executed on March 15th and 16th

1. The Board voted unanimously to refund monies owed to Laura Driussi (Raptors Racing Treasurer). The refund amount is $2000.

2. Gary Chan Formally Terminated from the Raptors Board

Dear Gary,

We are writing to confirm that you are no longer a coach or board member of the Raptors. Your recent emails to parents, board members, and a Raptor make it impossible for you to remain a part of the team.

Please let us know if there are any outstanding finances to take care of.

Thank you for your time and commitment to the Raptors over the past couple years. We send our best wishes to Jared and your family.

the Raptors Board