Raptors and MLK runners make mincemeat of Youth Classes at LMJS "4th Sunday" races

Post date: Jan 21, 2013 1:29:57 AM

At first it looked like there would only be a few of us at this race due to illnesses and prior commitments, but when all was said and done we had one of the best turnouts for a race that we have had in a while. and even the weather was far short of the blue skies we've become used to, everyone came ready to race. At the end of the 5K the results were:

Youth Girls, 1-12--1st place--Mackenzie Nye (MLK): 24:46

Youth Boys, 1-12

1st place--Paul Joseph (MLK): 21:26

2nd place--Danny (Raptors): 27:21

3rd place--Krisna (Raptors): 28:13

Boys, 13-19

1st place--Boris (Raptors): 22:36

2nd place--Nikhil (Raptors): 23:51

Girls, 13-19--4th place--Rachel (Raptors): 25:10

And, just in case that wasn't enough, Jared ran the 15k, finished 9th overall and 1st in his age group (he's eleven) which was logical since he was the only person under twenty brave enough to attack this distance! Jared's time of 72:39 was a P.R. for him (yes, he's actually run the 15k before) by almost five minutes! Gary was a bit concerned on the first lap (remember, he went three times around the lake) since Jared was fully 1 1/2 minutes ahead of his projected pace! But it's Jared, so no problem! He just felt good and ran accordingly.

More to come but the Niner's are coming on soon!

Oops, I never did get back to this! But I have say something about Danny before I close it out! WOW! Even though he is one tough, competitive kid, I wasn't sure how much he was going to like (or endure) a 5K. But Rosemary was entered too so she could keep an eye on him so it was safe. Well, Rosemary ran a great race herself, finishing 6th in a very tough age group but Danny? Danny had no problem and in fact finished second in the 1-12 age group actually beating new-Raptor and experiencedd MLK XC runner Krisna who ran an excellent race himself. Danny is 8 years old! He ran a 27:21 and was in a full sprint at the finish. As I said, WOW!