Raptors Board Meeting - March 22nd 2015

Post date: Mar 24, 2015 1:41:38 AM

Non Profit Status

    • Application completed & submitted February 9, 2015
    • The non-profit approval will take 90 days (if there are no questions from the Fed)
    • Expected approval date = May 9th

Raptors Finances

    • File taxes by April 15th – Teresa and Laura
    • Turbo Tax might be the best option for filing
    • In 2014 we received $4079 in dues and we spent $2400 on uniforms. (Uniforms are our biggest expense)
      • Uniforms: Plenty of singlets and jackets in kid sizes, but none for adults
      • Laura will send a note to parents about jackets – via Team Snap – asking if they want us to order large sizes
    • Dues projection = $2000
    • ACTION: Finances approved by the Board


    • Facebook: Rick has sent out some great race reports & photos. Primary place for discussions/photos.
    • Team Snap: Rick is sending key announcements to Team Snap
    • Is Team Snap the best place for the race calendar? Seems to be working okay.
    • Teresa and Charles now have admin rights for Team Snap
    • When do we recruit? Our prime months are around the start of the calendar year & school year
    • The web site may not be optimized for searching (Marina will check)

Race Calendar

Joel/Laura will:

    • Get the Race Calendar on Teamsnap (Laura) (Asking Rick if College of Marin All Comers not happening 2015?)
    • Send the race calendar out to parents (Joel)
    • Follow up with documentation for applying to race at the higher competitive levels (Marina)

USATF Application

    • Marina needs to document our practice schedule for USATF
    • Sunday mornings
    • August to January – MLK
    • January to August – Albany Middle School

Raptors Camping Trip -- Friday 23rd to Monday 25th

    • Memorial Day weekend in the Presidio
    • Friday 23rd to Monday 25th

Berkeley High and Raptors workouts – Summer 2015

    • Is Brad interested in collaborating with us this summer with workouts at MLK? (Rick)

Raptors President

    • Charles Bultman (President) will need to be registered with USATF (along with all Board members). This will include a background check. Then he will he need to be added to the Statement of Information (non-profit filing)
    • Main Responsibility of President – register new members with UASTF when they join

Next Board Meeting -- June 6th or June 7th

    • Invite Brad to discuss non-profit status
    • June 6th or June 7th @ 4 pm