Esme finishes her first half-marathon!

Post date: May 6, 2013 12:18:41 AM

Esme has been training for this event for a while. Virtually every workout day she and her buddy Katy (who we really do need to get into Raptors!) have taken off for long road runs as called for by Esme's training program. This has had a double benefit: first, Esme was getting in shape for the 1/2 and second she and Katy were getting in really good shape for track. They both ran outstanding miles at Wednesday's first MLK meet.

But the did come for Esme to race and she did it well! She crossed the line in the S.F. "diva" half-marathon in 2:07 even though she said her legs were killing her! Great job, Esme!

Another cool side-story: For a long time now Esme has been bothered (as in seriously, painfully bothered) by side stiches. In fact they got so bad and so constant that her Dad told me she was starting to get discouraged about running. Who could lame her? But Esme is clever! She experimented with her running form and actually found a style that allowed her to run without getting stiches. There would be an occasional one but nothing like the "bad old days." This was really the last piece of the puzzle for her and her running is now just getting better and better. I guess it does make sense that one can run faster when not in agony!