New Raptors and repeat winners at LMJS "Fourth Sunday" race for July

Post date: Jan 21, 2013 3:44:54 AM

July 22, 2012

No oversleeping this time! The coach was out the door with time to spare and even a few cups of coffee in him. Of course I need not have worried, caffeine-wise since always-awesome and generous Gary greeted me, upon my arrival with a cup of Starbucks! Ahhhh.

We had some new Raptor runners at this race. Ten-year old 'Belle (another Isabelle but we are just gonna call her Belle--it's just too confusing otherwise! I mean we already had the "Annabel/Isabelle" problem!) This was Belle's first race ever and she did great! She came in, looking strong and happy at 36:19 for the 5K.

Belle finishes her first race!

When I asked her how the race was she answered "Fun!" That's what we al like to hear! She was nervous before the start (what first-time racer isn't?) but now she is experienced and she's ready to train for more and shoot for a ribbon! Watching her not only at this race but at the BHS workouts, which she is also attending, we all feel she is another major Raptor talent on the way up.

Raptors explode off the start line! Belle is wearing #1. Jalen is directly to her right and Joanne to Jalen's right.

We also had Jared's Mom, Joanne and Jared's "twin" (what do you call one of triplets?) brother, Jalen running with us for the first time. Both ran well, with Joanna turning in a 38:13 and Jalen looking fast and comfortable with a 41:07.

Everyone finished the race and everyone was smiling in the aftermath! We had two repeat winners in the youth class. First was Jared, who pretty much rules his age group at many races in the Bay Area (he was just coming off a sterling second place age-group finish in the Sacramento 1/2 Marathon--beaten only by a fifteen-year-old, and by only three seconds at that) finished a surprising (not!) first in the 15K. He was also 5th overall in the race!

Jared attempts yet again to overcome terminal cuteness and look mean (he doesn't need to look tough. That he already is!) as he shows off his outrageous (as in "Raptors should run it next year") medals from the Sacto 1/2 Marathon.

Isabelle, looking a cool and collected as ever won her age group in the 5K yet again. The girl's 6-13 age group in the the 5 and 10K has become Raptor's property this year at Fourth Sunday runs. It occured to me that Annabel would win the "5s" until she shifted to the 10K. Now Isabelle has simply moved in and replaced her as the dominant 5K runner. How cool is that?!

Isabelle picks up yet another 1st place award.

Sadly, no Fentons this time. All and sundry had work and chores and other mundane things to do. Next time!