Raptors Board Meeting - June 14, 2015

Post date: Jun 16, 2015 12:52:32 AM

Running Raptors Board Meeting Minutes

June 14, 2015

Present: Rick Holtzman, Marina Zavala, Charles Bultman, Joel Ager, Teresa Buckner, Sue Campbell, Laura Driussi


    • Now Teresa! New Bank Account!
    • Checks can be made out to Running Raptors
    • Donations are tax deductible

Summer Meets & Runs

    • Junior Olympics is next weekend! Deadline is Wednesday
      • Teresa to send out a note checking on who will participate
    • Fire Trail Science Center
    • Tilden Park Meadows (former BHS course)
    • Kennedy Grove

USATF membership --> Marina and Charles

    • New Raptors member -- Alec Bruggeman -- may not have membership
    • Jovi Tseng also needs to submit his birth certificate to associate himself with Raptors
    • Junior Olympics -- Competitors need USATF membership for Junior Olympics
    • Competitors need to submit their birth certificate -- can do that for them or ask them to do it.

Summer Workouts --> Rick

    • Brad doesn’t need to work out at MLK. BHS team will practice at their track
    • Rick has sent an email to MLK students but only 4 kids have responded; need 5 per day
    • Rick still considering whether to publicize to Raptors (could use Team Snap RSVP minimums)

Jump pit --> Rick

    • MLK is fundraising for a repair to the track
    • We need to raise some additional money for the pit because Raptors uses it too. What about a bake sale? @ Monterey Market?

Solano Stroll --> Marina/Laura

    • Are we too late to sign up? Can we bake cupcakes and ask for donations?
    • $110 standard rate. Deadline June 15th
    • UPDATE: Laura mailed an application with $110 today. May not have made the deadline (5pm for today's postmark? Dropped into mailbox at 5:15.)
    • Solano Stroll is September 14th 2015

Business cards

    1. All board members and coaches should have business cards
    2. Can we order cards with photos?
    3. Add in the logo
    4. UPDATE: Annabel is really into graphic design right now, so she'll give this a try before we ask other parents.

Team Picnic

    • Decided on Sunday September 20, 11am; updated Team Snap

Next Board Meeting

    • Need to meet before the Stroll, so maybe Sunday August 30?