Jared finishes 6th in fast field at his XC Championships

Post date: Feb 3, 2014 12:33:59 AM

(Posted October 2013)

Today I took the day off from coaching MLK, passed the reins to Fernando and Ann and headed south for the Championship meet of Jared's XC league. I'm not sure what the actual name of the league is but it's a fast one. When the time came for Jared's race (7th grade boys) I had already been treated to two blistering races, the 6th grade boys and the 6th grade girls. I figured Jared's race would be even faster and that was indeed the case. Jared got a great start and got away reasonably clear. The course was a long one (two miles) and it took a while for everyone to get around to the spot I'd chosen to spectate, on Rainbow Ave.

The start! Jared is jut to the left of center.

At that point Jared was in a pack of three who were battling over 8th, 9th and 10th. At that point I figured the best Jared could do was 8th since the next pack up, fighting for 5th, 6th and 7th were quite a ways ahead. But Jared looked calm and unstressed (see pic) and with that kid, who knows?

At this point Jared was in ninth but looking oh so mellow.

Sure enough, as the leaders entered the gate leading to a last lap of the track leading to the finish chute Jared had somehow left his pack behind, and was immediately behind the 6th place runner! As soon as they hit the track, Jared dispatched him and was now in 6th! Now he began to chase the two kids in 4th and 5th! He put on a ferocious sprint and gained a lot of ground but they just had too big a lead.

Here he comes! Now Jared is in 7th, with 6th dead ahead.

It was a wildly exciting race and one of the best I've seen Jared run. And as well as Jared seemingly always runs, that's saying something

Jared was very happy with his finishing place but really began to beam when he heard his time: 11:30 for two miles. A new PR! That' two 5:45 miles back-to-back folks! Incredible.

Time for chow! Jared finished a large part of six appetizers, then ordered a hamburger!

After the meet, Gary, Jared and I met at the "Elephant Bar" on Stevens Creek. Gary always knows the best places to eat and he kept his record going here! The food was fab and we got a chance to talk about a variety of subjects, including the anticipated huge growth of the Raptors.

Jared also told me that his 1/2 marathon in Philadelphia was also a PR (1:36!) and that he ended up running nine minutes faster than his goal time. So this has been yet another spectacular few days for "the kid!" Great job, Jared! And thanks so much for dinner, Gary!