How to Join the Raptors Facebook Group

    1. Log in to Facebook. If you don't have an account, you can create one at
      • See screenshots below for how to create a minimal account just for Raptors
    2. Go to our group directly (There are multiple Running Raptors groups on Facebook).
    3. Click the "Join Group" button.
    4. In a day or two, one of the administrators will approve you.
    5. If you don't log in to Facebook normally, contact Marina Zavala to get added to the list of auto-email updates. Or, in Facebook, check to make sure you have notifications turned on for the Raptors group (screenshots below).
      • All new topics will be emailed to you.
      • Please "reply" directly in email to post a comment if you're interested in a topic. Then you will be emailed about all replies to that topic as well.


Click each image to see full size.

1. Initial signup screen input all items here - name, email, password, birthdate.

2. Skip all of the rest of the steps by clicking "Skip this step" on bottom right (3 times)

3. After your account is created, you'll need to confirm your email address.

4. Then go to and click one of the "Join Group" buttons

5. You'll see "Pending" where "Join" was before.

6. Once you're approved, you'll see the full stream of conversations & complete member list.


Method 1. Contact Marina Zavala to be added to the auto-email list.

Method 2. Use Facebook settings.

1. Click the little triangle at far right (to the right of the padlock) and pull down to "Settings."

2. Click "Notifications" on the left.

3. Once in Notification Settings, click "Group Activity" to make sure you're getting emailed about changes to the group

4. You'll get emailed with all new posts.

5. If a topic comes up that you want to see all replies to (such as "should we move practice this week?") just "reply" in your email program with a comment. Your comment will be added to the post, and you'll then be emailed with all replies. (If you do not reply to a new topic, you won't be emailed about the additional replies in that topic.)