Claire and Jake both set amazing P.R.s !

Post date: Nov 21, 2012 7:23:04 AM

March 31, 2011

So I go to track at MLK today and Jake tells me he ran a stunning 5:52 in P.E. Legal distance, the whole deal. It's his first time under six minutes and he went waaaay under! A great run that bodes very well for his chances in track.

Perhaps challenged by Jake's time or maybe just because she thought it was time, Claire took to the track tonight at Cougar Field to make her own attack on six minutes. This sounded interesting so I told Claire and her dad that I'd stroll by to watch and cheer. Talk about a good destination for a walk! Well, Claire did not disappoint In fact if I'd walked to Pinole it would have been worth it. Her first lap was a 1:19 and she kept the hammer down for all four laps and ended up with a rather astonishing 5:43.47.

Yup, it's for real. This is the actual final click of the watch, not some bogus recreation. I walked home being very careful of the watch in my pocket!

I'll have to check through the records but I'm fairly sure this makes her the fastest middle school girl miler I've ever had the privilege of coaching. At this point Claire is only 21 seconds off the all-time Albany High School record. And she is only twelve. Kudos again to Claire's dad Tarq, who has tirelessly been coaching her all along and ran right with her tonight. Awesome! Just freaking awesone.