Annabel and Jared score a second place in the "29 and under" class at Tamalpa Runner's "Couples Relays"

Post date: Jan 21, 2013 1:35:22 AM

February 12, 2012

We had a small turnout of Raptors today but the the two who did compete did the club proud. The idea of a couples relay is that one male and one female (at least at this race) each run one one leg, starting with the girl runners. At the end of her stint, the girl tags the boy and he runs his leg. The distance at this race was two miles for each runner. Annabel brought the team in in 8th place overall as she handed off to Jared. Her time was a bit under 13 minutes., which is excellent. Jared ran his his two miles in just a click over 13 minutes. It looked like the two had decimated the "29 and under" field (the classes are the sum of both runner's ages) but another team snuck in ahead of them so Annabel and Jared had to be content with merely decimating the remainder of the under 29 field!

This cracks me up. All that needed to happen was for Annabel to tag Jared. Instead things got very complex!

To make up four our tiny presence at the Tamalpa race we are hoping to field a massive Raptors and MLK group for yet another Couples Relay, this one put on by the good ol' LMJS at Lake Merritt. The race will be on Sunday, February 26th. Reserve that date. Also, at the LMJS race couples can be of any gender!

After the race, Gary kindly stayed behind to pick up the awards. The rest of headed out. Jared rode with Annabel and Laura. Annabel had my camera and snapped some pics of me on the motorcycle. Cool! The reason we were heading back was. . .

to go to Raptors practice. At the practice there was BEER and well. . .

Things got a bit out of control. . .

A few people were just flat partied out after a while.

Note: if by chance prospective Raptors are looking at this, we're kidding! We just found an empty beer bottle on the field!