Annabel and Nikhil both shatter their old mile P.R.s

Post date: Jan 21, 2013 4:29:15 PM

November 19, 2012

Sorry, no pictures here since these times were posted during an afternoon Albany XC workout. But the distance and times are 100% legit and wildly impressive. First Nikhil took a crack at his mile PR. He emerged with a sparkling 5:44! This left paramour Annabel with what was now a somewhat "funky" 5:55. She wanted no part of that so she popped her spikes on and attacked her PR. Are you ready for this? She was hoping for a 5:40, but pulled along by some of the boys on the team she ran a 5:30! That's twenty-five seconds off her old record, which wasn't exactly pathetic! And to make it all even more spectacular this was on a Monday, just what, 48 hours after her fabulous effort at NCS (see below)! One day's rest and she runs a 5:30? Yikes!

Congrats to both these kids. Now if they were just more pleasant, easy-going and happy all would be well!