Lake Merritt & Hella-ween October 2013: Wins, PRs, new members, new records!

Post date: Oct 28, 2013 10:50:05 PM

Since many of you were in SoCal, here is quick rundown on yesterday at Lake Merritt--quick cuz I've gotta set the JV race we are hosting at MLK today!

Let's see, Abby won the woman's race by a huge margin and PRed to boot with a 20:21!

New kid Jovi from MLK was amazing! He ran 21 and change for his FIRST EVER 5K! He won his age group by a big margin. Afterwards his Dad and he came to Fentons and it LOOKS like they will be joining Raptors.

Clara M. ran the 15K (getting ready for Berkeley 1/2) and finished in 1:30 even with a bathroom break! She also became the only under-18 girl EVER in the history of 4th Sunday to do a 5, 10 and 15K in one year!

Rosie ran the 5k with Lily an they TIED for first (two blue ribbons!) in their age group. Rosie was STOKED!!!!!!

Krisna's sister Uma (also joining Raptors!)ran the 5K with Tetsu and they chased down and passed (with a big kick at the end) a serious adult woman! They were really proud of that.

MLK runner Johanna also ran and is ALSO joining Raptors along with her buddy DELANEY, who is finally finished with her softball season and ready to concentrate on running.

So yeah. . . cool day at the Lake!

P.S. Daveon WON the Oakland "Hella-ween" 5k. That's right, WON IT, in 18:21!