Raptors all over the map in early May!

Post date: May 6, 2013 12:54:18 AM

I would suspect that this past weekend was probably the most wide-ranging in terms of Raptors seemingly being everywhere! First we had Chaia running the marathon in Fremont. Then Esme doing the 1/2 in S.F. And we had a group at the "Running Rebels" huge youth meet at Contra Costa College, and we also had a sizeable turnout at the normal "Sunday at 11" workout at Cougar Field, which was run by Gary since I was at Running Rebels!

Other than one hurdles medal won by Chamren (remember him?) I think two years ago, I don't believe (someone will correct me if I'm wrong!) Raptors have never won a medal at the "Running Rebels" meet. This year was no exception. . . the competition is tough. However, each year hence the Raptors have been more and more "in the mix" so to speak. In earlier times going to this meet was like tossing our kids to the sharks. I'd leave there thinking "Holy-Moly do we have a long way to go." No more. Yeah, it's a big, tough meet but no one seems all that intimidated anymore. The medals will come but regardless the place is great for PRs (like Jared's in the 800) because the competition is so strong.

Next year I think we should strive to get as many Raptors as possible to go to this meet! We could actually set up a shelter or two, some portable chairs and basically camp out for the weekend. This is a great meet.

So how did our kids do in this great meet? Really, really well.

Our first entrants were 'Belle and Clara (now officially nicknamed "Miz" to avoid confusion with the other Clara) in the long jump. Both jumped really well and 'Belle's 11'8 leap put her in third place in her group. When all the groups had jumped she still finished top 10 (10th), which is just sensational! Clara, who was in her first -ever track meet (sure, why not start in the scariest meet of all?) was completely impressive in that she not only did very well but was incredibly calm and happy throughout!

Clara and 'Belle bust some moves while waiting to jump.

So, Clara jumped 10' 5" which is kinda cool when you think she has been jumping for what, maybe three weeks?

Clara goes for it!

After the LJ it was on to the 800 for Clara. Going in, she had two goals (which she had told no one!). First was to not finish last (she didn't) and second was to run under 2:30 (she did! With a 2:26!) So she was happy and she survived her first meet in style!

Clara going to start of 800 meters.

So that was it for Saturday but this is a two-day meet so back many of us went on Sunday. Annabel was entered in the 1500 but her AHS coach, Craig asked her not to run since her league championships are this coming Thursday. Probably a wise decision but we were all sad not to be able to see Annabel do battle! But of course, being Annabel and Laura being Laura, they both came and cheered the other Raptors on.

First Raptor up on Sunday was Isabelle in the long jump. Boy, talk about being in the mix! Isabelle ripped off four excellent jumps and we actually in the lead for quite some time. She ultimately finished third (just like 'Belle) in her "heat" of the LJ. Her best legal jump was 13' 8" (real good) but we told her to just "rip it" on the last jump (everyone got four) and not worry too much about fouling. She fouled by just a smidgen and it looked to me like that jump was pushing fifteen feet. She was waaaay out there!

Next up was 'Belle in the 1500 meters. She ran a strong race and fell just short of her PR with (I think) a 6:36.

Next up was Krisna, again in the 1500. He ran (again, I think) about a 6:00 for 1500 meters.

Finally it was Daveon's turn. He was shooting for a sub-five-minute 1500 and just missed with a 5:01! After that it was time for food and rest for everyone. Oh, and a "viewing" of my new Motorcycle! Since we had the bike, the kids an the camera, everyone got a picture of themselves on the bike!

Born to be Wild (all three of 'em!).