Raptors run the Berkeley Firetrail and then EAT!

Post date: Jan 21, 2013 2:39:34 AM

May 12, 2012

We were hoping for the sunny weather we've become accustomed to but the Berkeley Hills were kind of foggy as we all made our way to the Space Sciences Lab parking lot for the beginning of the "Mother's Day" run. Max and Annabel had decided they wanted to get serious and run the trail both ways, from top bottom and then back to the top again. They accomplished this and also threw in some repeats of the dreaded "connector" (if you've run it you know!). Krisna and Isabelle ran from the top to the connector and back. So everyone was hungry as the club headed to the Lake Anza area of Tilden Park for a picnic.

The first shift gets ready to head down the hill.

The second shift prepares. Krisna decided to run with the 2nd group.

Behind these four (five?) lurks the connector.

We were joined there by Gary, Jared and Jeremy. Gary had coffee, which of course put me in an excellent mood! So we settled down to a glorious repast. All kinds of food and all kinds of good conversation.

Ahhh, food.

It was still a bit windy, foggy and cold but Raptors are nothing if not tough, so we all endured with smiles. As we finished eating the sun came out and Max, Isabelle, Krisna and Annabel went for a swim in the lake. Well, okay maybe not a swim but more of a "let's get halfway into this cold water and splash each other."

The "swimmers."

All in all, a fun time and we're talking about maybe doing it again in a month or so.