Jared just misses mile PR at Los Gatos All-Comers

Post date: Jan 21, 2013 1:28:29 AM

January 28, 2012

After surviving a bout of food poisoning earlier in the week, Jared had regained his health and felt ready to lower his mile P (6:20) today, but in the even his game effort couldn't overcome the wind on the backstretch. Jared's first and second laps (1:35 & 3:10) were right on the money but by the third lap the wind had worn him down and he was a few seconds short. Even with a fabulous last-lap effort he fell just a bit shy with a final time of 6:25.

One Raptor and one potential Raptor leave the line.

In the same race was Jared's new training partner Drew. Drew is eight years old and tiny. But can he run! This was his first-ever mile and his first-ever track meet. What did he run? A sizzling 6:32! To put this in perspective, most of the 12/13-year old girls on MLK's championship XC team have PR's almost identical to this. They are four to five years older and way taller!

Jared finishes strong.

After the meet, we went out to eat at "The Diner," a cool eatery in Los Gatos and Gary and I did our best to convince Drew's Dad Wayne that perhaps joining the Raptors would be a good idea! The capper: Drew has a brother, Kyle who is a few years older but just as talented! He was hoping to make his mile debut today but was a bit under the weather so didn't attend.

Raptors salute!

Los Gatos HS is a bit of a schlep but it only took me an hour, portal-to-portal. It's a very nice track in an extremely nice setting. This might be a fun Raptors meet in the future. I think they have a bunch more of these winter meets and then an entire series again in the summer.