Raptors Meeting 01/21/2013

Post date: Jun 14, 2013 3:45:26 PM

Race Calendar


• Track meets take precedent over Lake Merritt during 3 month track season (March, April, May)

• There will be two schedules (i) official schedule (ii) Gary’s list (inc. USATF meets, Olympic meets etc…)

• On Team Snap you can make clear which races are OFFICIAL

• Non-race events need to be on the calendar e.g. camping

Official Calendar:

• Lake Merritt Couples – January and February

• Lear by Doing track and field clinic Union City --

• ACORN meet @ Berkeley High -- March 2nd

• Twilight Relays (night) – March 9th

• McClymons in Oakland – March 9th – can we help with this event? Opportunity for bonding with Berkeley Running Club…

• Lake Merritt – April

• Running Rebels @ San Pablo – May 4th

• Castro Valley –

• Ed Sias Invitational –

• Bay Area Cross Country Chabot College in Hayward –

• Annual Track City Classic track meet in Oregon – July 13th

• FIREFLY (San Jose) --

• CHRISTMAS relays (San Francisco) -- December

Alternative Calendar

• Valley Ford 12 mile relay – Feb 17th

• EB Heat McClymons meet in Oakland (Raptors pick and choose events?) – March 9th

• Zimbabwe – March 24th

Newcomer Packet

What can we transpose from the web site into Newcomer Packet?

Do we need a booster club? (Fund-raising group, for travelling costs etc…)

Should we describe the parent role?

Can we get an official track discount from Transports for team shoes?

How far do we need to accommodate the ‘combined team’ in our newcomer packet?


• Laura will forward Kim’s rules to Gabbi

• Each Raptor must sign a waiver form and medical form

• All racers must wear uniforms to every race

• Parents are required to attend the first few meetings

• Gabbi will begin to create Newcomer Packet

• We will increase yearly fee to include uniform price

• We will officially offer scholarships

• Parents must pay yearly dues before their kids run a first race

• Raptors fees will cover the cost of official meets

• Raptors fees will cover official meets and annual parties

Practice scheduling guidelines

We need a policy statement for the Raptors welcome packet

Coaches need to carry the roster at the practices. This will include runner contact info

Would a Saturday meet exclude the need for a Sunday practice?

Can the kids contribute more to their own workouts?

How can we accommodate the different levels in the group?


• Non-coaches could lead the Sunday practice, and can it be a ‘limited’ workout

• Rick wants the option to opt out of the Sunday workout if there are race commitments the same weekend

• Gary and Rick create default workout for Spring and Fall. Non-coaches can therefore lead

• Older kids leading a road run must understand that no kid can be left behind. Young kids can do road runs with no road crossing

• Add an in-person race report to each practice

• Quarterly PR certificate event. Including pin with a claw for special achievement (e.g. team spirit)

• New 11 a.m. start time for Raptors practices

• Need to add core workouts (strength)

Update on Combined team with Berkeley Running Club

Changed organization – coach Brian (BHS) of the Berkeley Running Club will run the umbrella organization. Raptors will be affiliated with the umbrella

Goal: 1000 kids running regularly. Ages 5 years to college age. Emphasis on low-income kids. Brad to invite other teams to support an event. This will be an opportunity for bonding


• San Pablo Park – could be a joint workout venue for Saturdays and week nights

• We need to up our game


Rick and Gabi went to Alliance this week. Some decisions to be made:

(i) Do we want to stick with black and white? How about black and red? Or black and red with a splash white?

(ii) The Maverick’s team uses a company in Alameda for their orders

With local providers, you can

(i) Visit them in person

(ii) Send people in to make their own order, mid season

Need to set aside a workout for uniform orders

Raptor Logo on the back and front. Kids names embroidered on the front as well?

Laura has done some research on online logos. But, logos on the back could not be provided.

Patches -- difficult to purchase a small order.


• Black is primary color. Red flashes. White claw mark.

• Gabbi will approach her soccer contact for more information

• Laura and Gabbi will get samples. Ask for PIN samples

• Rick will verify the cost of adding red to the existing uniforms

• Priority is tricot

• Should be able to use existing shorts.

Tech Update

Laura and Rick have launched a new web site for the Raptors – YAY! Thanks

We need to acknowledge each achievement no matter how many Raptors attend the race

Observation from Gary -- e-mails to runners appear to stop at the parents

High school uses Facebook. But, there is an age restriction for Facebook access (13 years)

On Team Snap you can add notes to the race date


• We are using TEAM SNAP. All Board members will be added as Managers of Team Snap

• On Team Snap we should track for Membership payments (note: USATF can track members)

Non-profit Status

Laura has the Raptors account in her name.

Sue investigated the basic steps to starting a Californis non-profit

Will cost somewhere between $500-$1000 to apply for non-profit status.

AGREED: not worth trying to pursue non-profit. Rick will go to the bank to investigate other options for a Raptors bank account

NOTE: Berkeley Running Club will have non-profit status. No merging of the clubs. We could be adjunct to


Raptors coach needs to be on site to qualify for insurance coverage.

We are insured for

• practice dates

• property damage (not physical damage)

$1 million coverage would cost about $1000 per year

At races we are covered by the race insurance