Henry and Grady at Folsom Regional Championship

Post date: Jan 21, 2013 5:13:05 PM

November 25, 2012

Just got this note from Toby:

Hi Raptors,

Seems like everyone's on a roll, so congrats all around!

Here's our update:

Henry and Grady did really well out at the Folsom, CA Region 14 Championship meet today. I think staying in a hotel the night before helped. Plus, the jacuzzi, heated pool, and etc, were fun for them. So, Grady finished 15th in his Sub-Bantam 2K at 9:46. That's 14 seconds faster than he ran in the Pacific Association Championship last weekend! Henry's been sick with a bad cold since Wednesday, and I really wasn't sure if he was going to be able to race. He even missed the Nitro Turkey. His health is so fragile… It was a struggle, but he reluctantly decided he was up for it. He finished 5th at 12:18 in his Bantam 3K, which was a much better finish than he needed. He just needed top 20… Next… Albuquerque, NM 12/8!


Wow! Serious congratulations to Henry and Grady!!!