Raptors score age-group 1-2 at Lake Merritt Couples Relay and five Raptor runners set PRs!

Post date: Jan 21, 2013 1:50:31 AM

February 26, 2012

Things got a little confusing the day before this race as to who was going, who needed a ride, etc. But, thanks to Laura's patience all was worked out and we ended up with three teams of two runners each. The idea behind this race was the same as the Tamalpa Couple's Relay. Each runner on the team completes a 5K and then tags the next runner who runs the same distance. The only difference was that this race allowed any two runners to be a couple; we didn't have to have boy/girl pairings.

The age classes in this race are determined by adding up both runner's ages. This is a great idea but the youngest added-up age group was "Under 40" which I considered really unfair. A 20-year-old and a 19-year-old could combine in this race and still be under the age limit. I lobbied the race director and she sympathized but said since they had already promoted the race they couldn't change age groups at the last minute. She said that next year, however they will have an "under 30" age group. Cool!

In the end though, all this kerfluffling ended up to be moot anyway because Raptor runners are simply awesome!

Our usual jittery, sullen pre-race crew!

Our fastest team was a classic male/female crew, Annabel and Jacob, and they simply blasted! Annabel came in at 21:34, way under her 5K PR and tagged Jacob who took off and ran a blistering leg (19:48!!!). Their combined efforts gave Annabel and Jacob an astounding eighth overall (out of 146 teams!) and 1st place in the "Under 40" class. To add spice to it all, Jared and Nikhil also both PR'd, finished 29th overall and took 2nd in the class!

Jared finishes his leg strong. The shades are just too cool!

The third Raptors team of Krisna and Zach (69th overall) were on track to do really well. Krisna PR'd by a huge two minutes (27:01) before tagging Zach. Zach was right on pace for his own PR when he was stricken by a stich. He still bravely finished in a really fast time for someone in extreme pain (24:31) but it slowed him down just enough. . .

Krisna finishes his leg with a new 5K PR by two minutes!

But wow! What a morning. To top it off everyone but Zack (he had baseball practice--these kids are unreal!) traveled to Fenton's where Gary very, very kindly hosted a feast of ice cream, fries, coffee etc. for the entire team. Gary, you are the BEST!

Annabel and Jacob get their awards.


So now it's onward to the Twilight Relays!